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Christopher des Fontaines
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ceo & founder @jollyclick


No social network connects all talents and all projects. It's millions of opportunities that are lost over time. Bored out people at office are killing time and not doing what they love. The stakes are huge.

We need a free project-based platform capable of instantly connecting talent and project, wherever. Not Facebook, not Twitter, not Linkedin.

At jollyclick, we have created a social network for entrepreneurs, freelancers and innovative projects. All talents and projects have their profile and are connected by a smart chatbot. The human relationships we create are at the base of the companies, non-profits, events and initiatives that make tomorrow's economy.

Our goal is to federate the project economy to build a better society.

Hello! We're hiring in Paris, Stockholm, London and NYC :)
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  • Writing5

    I'm writing a novel in French. Still ongoing. I'm aiming the Goncourt.

  • Poetry5

    Also writing a serie of frenchified haïkus called "strophes". Ongoing.

  • UX design3

    Starting to get a real feel for it.

  • Philosophy5

    My next step is to continue the work of Spinoza, and then disrupt it.

  • Marketing4

    Well, do you think jollyclick is badly marketed?

  • Strategic planning5

    Like the air I breathe.

  • Public relations5

    I love people.

  • Soccer3

    I was better. Still can do some pretty cool things if you push me.

  • Market gardening1

    I did grew some veggies in the French countryside two years in a row.

  • Political counselling4

    Ask me, you never know.

  • Translation4

    I can properly translate in Swedish, French and English. No doubts.

  • entrepreneuriat5

    Surely in the world's top 1 000.

Ambitious Empathetic Generous Bon vivant Assez cool
  • Raise funds
  • Find motivated cofounders
  • Create a resource-based society
Christopher des Fontaines
2.320582,48.859489 See on the map

ceo & founder @jollyclick