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Christopher des Fontaines
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CEO & founder of jollyclick


We spend 90,000 hours at work. Yet 85% of us hate our jobs. It’s a real disaster.

Of all wastes, this is the worst. Because wasting the potential of a human is to limit the potential of humanity. If we want a better world for tomorrow, we must first stop wasting the human potential.

So how do we do it? My belief is that everyone should do what they love. By doing what we love, we become good at what we do. By being good at what we do, we become useful to others. This is how planets line up and our talents, desires and goals become one.

Today, I want to help create a world-wide work ecology that renews each one's potential rather than wasting it. That’s why I created jollyclick, a new professional social network. We are already more than 5 000 entrepreneurs, freelancers and creators of all kinds. All talents and projects are showcased and connected, instantly.

Join cool projects, meet gifted talents, make actions stand out, follow wild adventures and be a part of a meaningful community.

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  • Writing5


    I'm writing a novel in French. Still ongoing. I'm aiming the Goncourt.

  • Poetry5


    Also writing a serie of frenchified haïkus called "strophes". Ongoing.

  • Philosophy5


    My next step is to continue the work of Spinoza, and then disrupt it.

  • Strategic planning5


    Like the air I breathe.

  • Public relations5


    I love people.

  • Marketing4


    Well, do you think jollyclick is badly marketed?

  • Political counselling4


    Ask me, you never know.

  • Translation4


    I can properly translate in Swedish, French and English. No doubts.

  • UX design3


    Starting to get a real feel for it.

  • Soccer3


    I was better. Still can do some pretty cool things if you push me.

  • Market gardening1


    I did grew some veggies in the French countryside two years in a row.

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  • Founder of Sportiad

    2007-09-01 • 2010-06-01



    Platform providing customizable websites to sports clubs wishing to manage, animate and keep track of their teams and communities.

  • Founder of Aiôn SCOP

    2010-09-01 • 2014-01-01



    Alternative bar in La Rochelle organizing concerts, cultural activities, societal debates and selling 100% organic food & beverage:

  • Founder of jollyclick

    2014-08-01 • Now



    jollyclick is a new professional social media. Wasting the potential of a human limits the potential of humanity. That's why we believe everyone should do what they love.

  • Philosophy

    2018-09-01 • 2019-07-01


    Philosophy degree at Sorbonne.

  • Philosophy

    2011-09-01 • 2013-07-01


    Philosophy degree at Bordeaux University.

  • Finance Raise funds
  • Other Find motivated cofounders
  • Project find awesome trainees
  • Project zero talent waste
    give everyone access to a meaningful life
    have a major positive impact on people
    make sure spinoza wins over descartes
    demystify the existence of freedom
Christopher des Fontaines
- 2.320582,48.859489

CEO & founder of jollyclick